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Yarnstravaganza, The Launch

A celebration of yarn shops which takes place across the UK from 17th to 24th September 2022 with lots of events and commemorative goodies to get your hands on.

Join in the fun and support us, your local shop. There will be prizes, public and private events throughout September, whether you are a regular customer or are thinking about taking up a new craft, come along and join in our fun and laughter.

If you want to get all the latest news about this event, you can sign up for the UKHKA newsletter here or check out what other shops around the country are up to.


We kick off the week long celebrations with a special event on Thursday 15th September

A talk with Gill Thomas, the one armed sewist (as she likes to be known), from this year's Great British Sewing Bee. I've teamed up with Gill, from Doncaster, to give you the opportunity to hear her spectacular story. Not only about sewing and her journey on the Great British Sewing Bee but also about finding courage and facing fears in life. So we could be accessible to all the event will be held externally at the gorgeous Boston & Co. café at Bentley Pavilion on Thursday September 15th. There are two sessions to choose from, 3.30pm arrival for a 4pm start or, 6.30pm arrival for a 7pm start. I'm really looking forward to hearing from Gill and there will be chance to ask her questions at the end so write down any ideas you may think of.

See next blog post for other events that are happening for Yarnstravaganza throughout September 2022

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