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Winwick Mum's Winter Haven KAL 2023


The 2023 KAL from Winwick Mum really caught my eye this week. It's not so much a follow a particular pattern but to set yourself up to 'rest and recharge' in January. Sounds perfect for what is normally is long month and after taking down the tinsel, the house suddenly looks bare so I'll be saving some twinkly lights back for my next project.


If you're not familiar with Christine, the Winwick Mum, she is the goddess of knitting socks! Simplifies them and then moves you on to different techniques. She walks you through all the steps in making your very first pair of handknitted socks. You could choose socks whether you are a complete beginner or try one of her more challenging projects to get ahead with next year's Christmas gifts that you have promised to make more of!


She also works with the wonderful West Yorkshire Spinners and has produced books and yarns that are perfect for making socks.

The above picture shows one of Christine's basic sock patterns knitted in the Christmas colourway Candy Cane which was limited edition but nonetheless, the pattern can be made using any Signature 4 ply yarn and the colours inspired by Christine can be found here:

Download the FREE knitting pattern here

Candy Cane Sock Pattern_Download
Download PDF • 9.71MB

Let us know in the comments below or join our Knit & Stitch VIP Facebook group or indeed the Winwick Mum Sockalong group to share your cosy projects for the Winter Haven 2023.

I can't wait to get started with this ♥♥


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