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Crochet Socks

A collection of crochet sock patterns using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply.

Tinsel Toes

WYS Signature Sparkle 4ply Tinsel Toes Crochet Socks Pattern DFP0014 WYS1000067
Download PDF • 1.45MB



WYS Signature Sparkle 4ply Helga Socks Pattern DFP0038 WYS1000285
Download PDF • 2.90MB



WYS Signature 4ply Clementine Crochet Socks Pattern WYS1000160 DFP0029
Download PDF • 515KB



WYS Signature 4ply Cupid Rib Textured Crochet Socks Pattern FP0009
Download PDF • 4.02MB


Ginger Biscuit Garland

WYS Signature 4ply Ginger Biscuits Crochet Garland Pattern WYS1000161 DFP0030
Download PDF • 718KB

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