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Rosarium Easy Knit hat

FREE PATTERN FRIDAY: Super chunky quick knit hat in King Cole Rosarium


I've really felt the benefits of wearing a handknitted hat this week. From the moment I've stepped out of the house, the hat's on. I often think they don't suit me but this week it's all about keeping warm and a hat is one of the best ways imo.

I also think that as a yarn store owner I don't have enough hats, I tend to keep the same one for quite a while (normally to match my current coat!) but I think I'll be casting-on the Rosarium Stocking Stitch hat this weekend.

The hat I'm wearing here was obviously made to co-ordinate with the lush grass at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and not my coat!

The pattern is Stylecraft 9930 using Grace Aran in shade Long Grass.

So today's #FPF is quick to make and uses my favourite super chunky yarn, Rosarium. It's made using 100% merino and comes in the most delightful range of colours.