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RicorumiCAL Part VI

It's the final week of the Beach Party Ricorumi patterns. The last member to enter the party is the adorable Elvis the Elephant designed by sewing_the_seeds_of_love. Head to their Instagram page for loads more cute designs.

I've really loved these patterns and the beach vibes it's brought over the past six weeks, I still have the last two characters to finish but will get there.

Thank you for joining in, please continue to share your makes over on our Instagram or VIP Facebook group and you should certainly use #ricorumical to share directly with Rico too, they love to see them

Week 6 Elvis the Elephant

Download the pattern directly below or from the Rico website where you have full access to other amazing patterns. Click HERE

Elvis the Elephant
Download PDF • 1.89MB

Kits Available

Let's get started - you can purchase a limited edition kit of either all the colours used in the whole Beach Party or enough yarn for each individual characters. The characters are available now.

For Elvis we will give you a free printed pattern in store when you purchase 3 or more balls of Ricorumi - you can therefore customise his clothing if you like or buy the entire kit for all the characters in the party below.

Learn Amigurumi

We are running two Amigurumi classes throughout 2022, you can view details and book your workshop by clicking below.

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