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Head Over Heels

Walking in Nature

I went on a little camping trip last weekend in the Peak District and did a LOT of walking. It was beautiful and blissful.

The weather was perfect.

It would have been the perfect setting for knitting socks had I not forgotten to take a project with me but I did at least remember a bottle opener so I could open the wine at sunset. I hope to go back one day soon, it was just what I needed.

We have previously stocked Head Over Heels from Stylecraft, a 4 ply 75% superwash wool with 25% polyamide but now there are a series of new shades available, all inspired by walking in nature. Are you a strutter, do you sashay, swagger or skip? I'm waiting for a waddle to be added to the collection!! hehe!!

The new shades, Walking in Nature have been designed by Stuart Hillard. This beautiful yarn has an unusual cream background for all the colours to stand out, which gives them a whole new appeal.

The yarn has been specially developed to be durable enough for socks, but also fine and light enough for knitters and crocheters who like to make shawls.

And here's the good part, there are loads of free patterns available for this yarn.

View the yarn here...

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