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Bo Peep Snuggle Blanket

FREE PATTERN FRIDAY: Bo Peep 4ply blanket

Hello Baby!

A new year always sees proud parents and grandparents preparing to welcome a new baby later in the year.

And right now we need more good news like this! We regularly welcome new customers to the shop who are wanting to start knitting again because a baby is due, some having not picked up a pair of needles in thirty odd years and have since misplaced all their needles and patterns.

Welcome to this colourful new world, a lot may have changed since but welcome! ♥♥♥

So to those new parents and grandparents who are expecting a fresh bundle of joy, what better excuse to get your knitting needles out and make something that can be treasured forever. A blanket or shawl does just that, it provides warmth and comfort to the baby and can be appreciated for many many years.

This is a fun motif blanket with the option for either clouds or hearts both worked using intarsia and fair isle techniques. It's a relatively straightforward pattern for someone who can already knit.

Download here

DBP0019_Bo Peep Story Book 2 _ Snuggle blankets _ free pattern
Download PDF • 4.59MB

This pattern is worked in West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep 4 ply, a mix of 52% Falkland Wool and 48% Nylon making the motifs neat and delicate. Choose from the shades we have in store, click below.

...or if you love 4 ply, here is the link for the whole book of 4 ply patterns for babies and children.

Let us know in the comments below or join our Knit & Stitch VIP Facebook group to share your current projects or to get help and advice from our friendly community.

Take care for now,

Liz ♥♥


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