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DMC Light Effects is a line of listening specialty threads that will add reflective qualities to any project. Shade include Precious Metals, Jewels, Antiques, and Pearlescent shades, plus trendy Fluorescents and Glow-in-the-Dark tones.


A selected colour range of DMC Light Effect threads are available from Knit & Stitch. Add the quantity you need and then list the colour numbers you require in the 'add note' box at checkout.


Colours Available: 130-135-155-168-301-310-316-317-321-334-415-436-677-699-703-718-746-747-815-940-966-967-980-990-3747-3843-3849-5200


If any problems occur we will get in contact with you to discuss.


DMC Light Effect Thread

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