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Pattern using Stylecraft Grace


Knitting needles used: 1 pair 5mm and 1 pair 4mm

colours: v neck jacket

Ocean 2157

colours: hooded jacket

M-MC Hip 2152, CC-CC Petals 2150 



v neck jacket: 

2-3yrs: 2

4-5yrs: 2

6-7yrs: 3

8-9yrs: 3

10-11yrs: 3


hooded jacket:

2-3yrs: M-1, CC-1

4-5yrs: M-2, CC-1

6-7yrs: M-2, CC-2

8-9yrs: M-2, CC-2

10-11yrs: M-2, CC-2

9933 Grace Girls' Jacket & Hoodie

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