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Introducing Mini Me by Rico using Ricorumi yarns including the new Nilli Nilli chenille.


Whether form the Savannah, the farm, the water or the rainforest - the good parents and kids come from all over the world. Together they form an inseperable community. Monkey Mum and her son Max, Mole Granny and Marla, Papa Lion and son Linus, Sloth Mum amd her daughter Sammy, Mama Piggy and her son Pepe and also otter Omar and his dad. All these characters are delighted to show you their colourful world.


The detailed "Mini Me" figures are crocheted in the modern Kokeshi design from our brand new Ricorumi Nilli Nilli. The super fluffy yarn in 25g balls has a matt sheen and a dense cenille structure that gives a great stitch structure.


The patterns are easy to understand step-by-step instructions, you can easily crochet the little figures for mobiles, garlands, keyrings, lucky charms and more. 


We wish you a lot of fun crocheting your Mini Me's!


designed in the uk by Ellie Richards @foxy.crochet

Ricorumi Mini Me

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