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A new CAL by Rosina Plane


Inspired by the tongue-twister “She Sells Seashells”, and finding shells on winter walks along various Norfolk beaches, “On the Seashore” is a 5-part CAL, worked using the overlay mosaic crochet technique, and finished off with a simple envelope border to hide the loose ends. If you are unfamiliar with mosaic crochet or the envelope border, don’t worry, they are much easier to do than they look. Full written instructions are provided, alongside clearly marked, easy to read charts and lots of helpful photos, making this pattern suitable even for total beginners to mosaic crochet.


Please note, this is a CAL (Crochet ALong), so you won’t receive the full pattern straight away - rather it has been split into 5 separate parts.
You only pay once, and then each part will be added to your Ravelry library by 11:00 UK time on the following dates:

Introduction - available now
Part 1 – Friday, 21st April 2023
Part 2 – Friday, 28th April 2023 (2 weeks)
Part 3 – Friday, 12th May 2023 (2 weeks)
Part 4 – Friday, 26th May 2023
Part 5 – Friday, 2nd June 2023


All patterns will be available to download from Rosina’s Ravelry page (Full price GBP 7.95, discounted to GBP 5.95 until  31st May 2023 (no code needed)


Ravelry: On The Seashore pattern by Rosina Plane

Each pattern part includes a clear chart and detailed step by step images.  There are also YouTube videos for additional support with mosaic crochet. The patterns are written for a small blanket/lap blanket size but can easily be extended to any desired size!
Kit includes 11 balls of Special DK, choose from Glandford,  Brancaster and Stiffkey. You will need to purcahse the pattern directly from Rosina Crochets.


Yarn Kits

Glandford: 6 balls Pomegranate, 5 balls Soft Peach

Brancaster:  6 balls Dark Brown, 5 balls Parchment (We have substituted Colour Twist Coconut for Parchement to give a similar effect.)

Stiffkey: 6 balls Empire, 3 balls Duck Egg, 2 balls Parchment

Tolcarne: 6 balls Spice, 3 Balls Apricot, 2 balls Cream

Inspired by Rachel's selection who's favourite beach is Tolcarne down in Cornwall!

On the Seashore by Rosina Plane

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