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Colour coded cables to use with Knit Pro Interchangable needles.

KP10631 Yellow 40cm / 16"

KP10632 Blue 50cm / 20"

KP10633 Neon Green 60cm / 24"

KP10634 Orange 80cm / 32"

KP10635 Red 100cm / 40"

***The length refers to the overall length once the needle tips have been added


These popular needles can be used to knit in the round or for those who prefer shorter needles, can be used as you would straights. The tips are interchangable from the cable (cables sold separately, various lengths available) which makes changing needle size throughout the pattern a breeze. The tips can also be removed and the end caps places onto the cable to easily transport or store your project.


STANDARD size tips should be used with 50cm cables or longer.

SPECIAL size tips should be used with 40cm cables only

Knit Pro Cables for Interchangeable Circular Needles

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