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About the yarn:

A Super Chunky yarn with a Super Big personality! Merry Go Round is all grown up and available in a Super Chunky version for all of those big kids out there! This yarn is fun, playful and a celebration of colour. You’ll be spoilt for choice with eight exciting shades each showing off their very own colourful style. Ranging from Fruit Salad and Summer Pudding to Spice Mix and Cocktail. Simply irresistible!


You will need: A pair of 9mm (UK 00 - U SA 13) knitting needles, a pair of 10mm (UK 000 - USA 15) knitting needles, stitch holders, stitch markers. Also for Hoodie: 9mm (UK 00 - U SA 13) circular needle, 10mm (UK 000 - USA 15) circular knitting needle.

9963 Merry Go Round XL Child's Sweater

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