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Let's Knit & Natter @ Yarnstravaganza!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

A celebration of yarn shops which takes place across the UK from 17th to 24th September 2022 with lots of events and commemorative goodies to get your hands on.

We're a week late in starting our celebrations.

...but better late than never!


Knit & Natter Launch

Monday 26th September


A long time ago, before we spoke of lock-downs, stay at home and pandemics we held a regular knit & natter group. Friendships were formed, people taught and learned from each other, ideas exchanged, tea drunk and cakes were enjoyed.

I think it's time we got this going again don't you?

Loneliness is a strange feeling and all of us can feel it at some point in our lives. Whether your personal circumstances change dramatically or gradually we can all have periods of feeling alone or wanting to meet new people. Usually groups or friendships are formed who share a common interest and with us, it's crafting.

We like to sew, knit, crochet or we want to learn a new craft. Some people have more experience, some not at a lot and that's ok - all are welcome at this Knit & Natter. Knitting not necessary, your tea making skills may be just as useful.

We are launching this event during Yarnstravaganza free, in future there will be just a small fee of £1.50 per person or pay-as-you-feel to cover overheads such as refreshments and heating and lighting. Anyone who attends an event throughout the week will automatically be put into the prize draw for a Yarnstravaganza Goody Bag.

The event is free but would like you to book onto the event so we know how many to expect - numbers in the room are limited to about 10 people.

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