Knit &and Stitch

Terms & Conditions

Workshops at Knit & Stitch


1. Full payment is required prior to each class in order to secure your place - we will not guarantee a place that is not pre-paid.

2. In the event of a class being cancelled it shall be rescheduled. If a class cannot be rescheduled, any payments will be reimbursed.

3. For one-day workshops:

a. In the event of non-attendance without prior notification, no refunds will be given.

b. In the event that you have to cancel in advance, one week’s notice is needed for a full refund

4. For weekly courses due to limited places and high demand:

a. Any missed classes cannot be carried over/refunded.

b. If you wish to sign up for a further 6 week block, this must be done consecutively and must be paid for by week 5 of your current session otherwise we cannot guarantee your place.

5. Numbers to each class are strictly limited due to space and classes are filled on a first come, first paid basis.

6. Students are expected to behave respectfully and reasonably towards others

7. Equipment belonging to Knit & Stitch should be treated with reasonable care.

8. Any breakages through negligence must be paid for.

9. Tutor is subject to change at any time.

10. A discretionary 10% discount can be applied to goods bought in store on the day of your class. Excludes workshops, courses, sale items, books/patterns and vouchers and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

11. Minimum age requirements at one-day workshops and courses:

a. Knitting & Crochet related workshops – Participants must be 11 or older. An adult must be present until the child is 14.

b. Sewing related workshops – participants must be 14 and older and no adult needs to be present.



We know many of you have missed the social interaction of our workshops and we are keen to bring these back in the safest possible way. In order for us to do so we need to ensure we keep our staff, customers and students safe. Therefore, we ask you to read and follow the new ways of doing things when at class:

Students must adhere to the following:

•Wash hands with soap and water before entering the workshop.

•Keep a 1m distance between each other where possible

•Face masks to be worn when walking through and using the shop.

•If you are feeling unwell or are showing any symptoms you should stay home

•All sewing machines, euqipment and surfaces should be sanitised at the end of each class with products provided.

•Tutors will give a final clean to door handles, hand rails, tables, equipment and communal surfaces at the end of each class.

•You should avoid sharing equipment.

•Only staff members will be permitted to use the kitchen equipment and prepare drinks. No eating will be permitted on site including the sharing of biscuits

•Weather permitting, you may be asked to leave using our back exit bringing you out onto Silver Street.

•We cannot hold customer’s/ student’s personal belongings in communal areas.

•Students to provide their own equipment where possible or if borrowing equipment to ensure it is wiped down after use

•Door and windows to be open to increase circulation when possible

•You will only be allowed to enter the workshop space at your allocated class start time. Do not arrive early. We also respectfully ask you to leave on time to allow staff to carry out cleaning duties.

Amendments to our Terms and Conditions

•If you are showing any Coronavirus symptoms you should not come to class for 14 DAYS.

•If you are showing any Coronavirus symptoms you should notify us as soon as you are feeling unwell by calling 01302 366022 or emailing [email protected] We will take your 14 DAY rest period from this date.

•If our staff feel that you are showing symptoms of Coronavirus they can ask you to leave immediately. If you are sent home by a member of staff, this class will not be carried over.

•If a staff member feels you are not following the safety rules they can ask you to leave immediately. If you are sent home by a member of staff, this class will not be carried over.

•Should you need to stay home because of Coronavirus we will allow you to carry over those missed classes and continue when you are able to do so – you will not be given a monetary refund for missed classes as they will be available for you following your 14 DAY isolation.

•We will follow all instructions given from our authorities in the event of new localised restrictions and adjust if necessary.

•If the authorities reduce/ increase the isolation period, we will follow guidelines accordingly.


Special Clause(s): Coronavirus Covid-19 effective 01.09.2020