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Wrap Skirt (Doncaster/Maltby)


Wrap Skirt Workshop **

Tuesday 13 + 20 August | 15h00-17h30 | Caroline | DONCASTER This will be a two-part class
Saturday 27 July | 10h00-16h00 | Caroline | MALTBY This will be just a one-part class

Create a beautiful and very fashionable wrap skirt; flared or straight, lusciously long or skimpy short, it’s up to you to form your own fashion style. You will begin by making a custom pattern to fit you perfectly and proceed to make it in your choice of fabric.

Get an idea here >>>

You will need to attend both classes (in DONCASTER) to complete your garment. In MALTBY we ope to complete the garment in just one day!

Includes machine use; bring a basic sewing kit that includes sharp scissors, a quick un-pick, pins, hand sewing needles, a tape measure and note pad and pen.
*Fabric requirement list given at time of booking.

Threads are also needed and are available at a discounted rate on the day.

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