Knit &and Stitch
Saturday 16 September  10h00 - 16h00 DONCASTER
Love Your Overlocker
Saturday 24 June 2017
Learn to Crochet - York
Saturday 11th November 2017 10h00-15h00
Toe-Up Socks (York)
2 September 2017 09:30am - 12:30pm
Love Your Sewing Machine MORE (Donc)
Saturday 28 October 2017
Fair Isle - York
Saturday 30 September
Finishing Off Techniques - Knitting (York)
Creative Home Sewing:Maltby
Beginners Patchwork & Quilting: Maltby
MONDAY Evening Dressmaing will start 4th September, 18h00-20h00
Dressmaking: Maltby


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Our Maltby shop is an agent for

JANOME Sewing Machines and Accessories.


Please contact Maltby on 01709 817944 for further information or to order any Janome products.