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By knitandstitchuk, May 11 2015 07:17PM

We need your fish!

To download a free copy of the knitted or crochet fish pattern, click here

Drop your fish off at any Knit & Stitch store before 17th June 2015.

Many thanks and we hope you'll visit out fish stall on the 19th June somewhere in Doncaster market.

By knitandstitchuk, May 11 2015 12:28PM

Hello lovers of all things crafty!

Welcome to Knit and Stitch's first news update.


We're starting things off with real excitement about the DNweekeND 2015 arts and crafts extravaganza and how you can get involved alongside Knit and Stitch.

All across Doncaster Town Centre over the weekend of 19th to 22nd June 2015, the streets will come alive with all the best arts and crafts curiosities that this wonderful town has to offer!

It's organised by Rightupourstreet

Knit and Stitch will be joining the festivities in a number of ways to show the town just how creative and inspiring the Doncaster community can be - this means you!

We will be hosting a market stall like no other... all of our produce will be handcrafted through traditional techniques like knitting, crocheting and sewing and we could do with a few more pairs of hands to help us with this. We want to replicate the fantastic fresh goods that are on offer in our markets using the talents of your good selves including fruit, vegetables, flowers, cakes, bread, meat and anything else you might come across.

So, how can you help?

We would love any handmade contributions to our market stall but in particular we would ask people to use up their scraps of yarn by knitting or crocheting some FISH to adorn our stall. We have a handy free pattern here available to download, from which you can knit or crochet as many fish as you wish. Of course, other seafood is also welcome and please feel free to share any copyright-free patterns here in our comments so that we can share your fabulous ideas.

We would like all fish to shoal their way to our Doncaster shop no later than Wednesday 17th June so we can attach them to our arm-knitted fishing nets!!

How else can you get involved?

If you are part of a knitting or craft group, please get in touch with us as we would love to be able to represent you at our stall. The idea would be for your group to make a number of particular items, for example apples or bread loaves or flowers or bacon slices! We would then display these on the stall with a note detailing your group, such as who, where and when you meet to craft.

You can use our Contact page on this site or email to discuss how we can provide you with yarn and patterns.

Even if you don't belong to a group and are a novice crafter, we would appreciate any stretches of knitting or crochet (squares, pompoms, half made garments!) to help with our YARNBOMBING to be dotted around the market area.

Join us at the following sessions to knit and natter:

Marketplace Alehouse and Deli - Thursday 14th May 2pm-4pm (and every week thereafter)

Knit & Stitch Doncaster - Wednesdays 20th May & 3rd June 1pm-3pm (and every week)

We will also be holding a student Patchwork & Quilting exhibition at the store during DN Weekend...more details to follow.

Give us a shout with your interest and share this information with your fellow crafters so we can make a colourful stamp on Doncaster this summer!

Happy knitting etc!

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