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The pairfect project?

By knitandstitchuk, Feb 26 2020 10:43AM

Hi Knitters and Stitchers,

I hope you're all surviving the storms, and that all your stashes have stayed safe and dry? Unfortunately our flat has suffered a leak, but luckily my partner knows better than not to make yarn preservation his main priority. After some of my more major projects resurfaing and getting finished in the move, I'm personally very ready for a quick gratifiction project!

And what better, than chunky slipper socks? Perfect for keeping you warm in your wellies and the ideal project to travel with. Come along to our workshop this Saturday to learn how to knit in the round, shaping heels, pick up gusset stitches and learn kitchener stitch for the perfect toe seam. Book your place here

Check out some of our favouite socks below. And if you fancy seeing some of your creations on our blog, grab a place on one of our popular weekly classes. It's the perfect way to dedicate two hours a week to knitting and crocheting with a patient and knowledgeable tutor, and lovey like minded students to support and inspire you. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided of course! Check out times and avaiabiity here

What's your favourite way to knit socks? Have you got a favourite sock yarn? Lots to choose from and inspire you in store.

Lots of love,


Celia's rainbow sock
Celia's rainbow sock
Hermione's WYS crochet sock
Hermione's WYS crochet sock
Chunky slipper socks you could be making at a Saturday workshop
Chunky slipper socks you could be making at a Saturday workshop
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