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Let's get Blogging!!

By knitandstitchuk, Aug 1 2018 01:33PM

Ok, so this blog has been negleted over the past few weeks, months, OMG...YEARS!!

We need to do someting about this for sure - I will get my thinking cap on and bring you more from the engine room at Knit & Stitch over the coming weeks.

What would you like to know about? What can we share that will make you want to read this? I'd be interested to know.

How about I introduce all of us, after all there are the owners Kath & Liz, nine members of knowledgable staff that work in the three shops, and seven, almost eight tutors plus a heap of gorgeous customers and students who brighten up our day on a daily basis. A whole lot of people to get to know.

Watch this space and I'll see you soon,

Liz x

Aug 1 2018 05:59PM by Linda Earnshaw

I like to see what people are making ,new ideas and new things in the shop.

Aug 1 2018 06:50PM by Diane Havell

Yayee!! I'm here I did it!! I love to see other people's makes it invigorates me and gives me ideas for my projects, I get excited when I see new stuff in your shops, need to see your Xmas fabric.

Aug 2 2018 10:52AM by June Valentine

Wow, does this mean I'm a blogger as well as a crafter.

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