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By knitandstitchuk, Mar 20 2020 04:10PM

Knit & Stitch, Doncaster (Artists impression!!)
Knit & Stitch, Doncaster (Artists impression!!)
Knit & Stitch, Maltby (Artists impression!!)
Knit & Stitch, Maltby (Artists impression!!)
Knit & Stitch, York (Artists impression!!)
Knit & Stitch, York (Artists impression!!)


I had this idea back in January when the skies were grey and feel it’s now time to release a little group project! 

Imagine, our shop fronts (and beyond) filled with handmade flowers – knitted, crocheted and fabric ones yeah? I’m thinking that this is going to take a LOT of flowers so I definitely need your help.

Can you make your favourite little shop some flowers?

Absolutely all contributions are welcome – for every ten flowers you contribute we will give you a raffle ticket and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of three £15 vouchers to spend at Knit & Stitch.

Flowers wanted in any colour, any size (approx 2-8”), any shape but needs to be made from yarn, fabric or soft textiles, new or up-cycled. They will be left outside so will need to withstand the elements of the wonderful Yorkshire weather. Be as creative as you can, get all the family involved – there are patterns for beginners and more advanced crafty people but also search the internet for patterns too – you can find incredible patterns for fabric flowers.

I need the instalment ready for summer solstice (all being well) so would need the flowers by 13th June and can be dropped off at any of the shops. Winners of the vouchers will be announced on 20th June.

Our tutors have been working hard creating some flower patterns which can be found here.

We hope you enjoy getting involved and encourage you to share your progress (and frustrations!) on our Facebook VIP Group. Hints and tips will be shared from our tutors over the next few weeks and new patterns will be released along the way. If you're a 'hashtagger', please use #knitandstitchinbloom when posting on social media.

We're really looking forward to seeing your flowers ‘grow’ and can’t wait to see our shops all flowery in the summer all being well -  we will need to see something cheery when we’re all finally allowed out again.

Any questions or if you need any help then just ask.

Take care of yourselves,

Liz x

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